Designer women’s clothing or just fashion clothing and bags.

Now, really think long and hard about the brand and designer names you would like to see in your women’s clothing shop.  If you did not consider this when you spoke with your potential distributors, now is the time to decide what styles and designers appeal to you. Once deciding, be sure to open business accounts with the suppliers that will provide you with the merchandise you need to obtain before opening the virtual or actual doors for your business.

With your suppliers on board, your location and storage facilities determined, your permits obtained and your stock procured, you are ready to open your clothing business.  Lastly, you must promote your new career to potential customers to ensure the long-term viability of your startup. If you community has a newspaper, have a local reporter write a story about you and your business, explaining why consumers should work with you.  You may also place ads and coupons in the newspaper to encourage people to visit you, on or offline depending on your business model. Market your brand to beauty salons, laundromats or other places where women frequent (day care, etc.) to ensure your business is noticed by your target market. Hosting a fashion show or an open house at your new location and promoting it with the various channels mentioned above will help you to gain traffic and clients for your business as well

However you decide to follow your path in the women’s clothing industry, following these basic steps will help you to get started in the right direction for a successful entrepreneurship to come.