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Getting great designer handbags like the celebs is one of the dreams that you soon wish to fulfill. What do you do to get those bags? Save money for months maybe. However, you can be getting all those handbags at a very affordable price at Here, you would find an exclusive variety of wholesale designer handbags coming from the house of David Jones. These bags range from hobos to satchel and come at a very affordable price too. Yes! All these fabulous designer handbags are available for $14 top $25. Buy one of buy 10, they would always be providing the same high quality with a great design as well.

These bags come in a variety of colors, including red, electric blue, moss green, light brown, oxford blue, brick red, aquamarine blue and many more. These handbags would not only be providing you a great new look but also make sure that heads turn when you move into the house. You can take them along to work, a casual evening gathering or even you next date. They would never fail you when it comes to amazing style. The bags are available in many different shapes and sizes as well. You would be able to use them for storing pretty much everything that you need, and all this would be done with the best of style that the bags have to offer.

All these handbags have been made with high end faux leather. Therefore, they keep looking great while being highly durable as well. You would be finding many interesting designs and patterns on these bags that would never be found anywhere else. They are not just beautiful, but functional as well. These bags come with great handles and big interior pockets as well. You would be able to store everything from your lipstick to your tablet in these bags. All the designer handbags are available at very low wholesale prices. You can be assured that you would be getting a great bag that matches your dress and your persona at mind blowing prices.





You can even chose a bag that matches with your everyday outfits. Chose 5 bags for your office days, one for a Saturday night trip to the club and one for the lazy Sunday outings as well. We keep on enriching our collection at regular intervals. So keep coming back for more and buying bags that really make you stand out among others.

Why Should You Order From Wholesale Stores?

Wholesale purses are customized based on the order. You have the option of buying one purse or 10 purses. Moreover you have the options of ordering different kinds of bags in one order. It is not treated as a bulk order but the pricing is still tat of bulk orders.  If you are placing a large order with them it is possible to get further discounts on your order. This is a fantastic way to save on bags. An added advantage is wholesale stores never go out of stock. Business Ideas for Fashion Handbags If you are planning to open a store that sells bags then buying it from a wholesale fashion handbag store is the best way to make the most of it. You get the latest fashionable bags in the store. The best part is you need not pay a royalty for the bag as they imitate branded bags. You are free to have your own pricing on the bag. So you will be buying it for less and selling it for more. If you are a regular customer then the bags are shipped out to you on a monthly basis.

Buy Designer Handbags at Wholesale Prices

A woman’s personality is often reflected by the way she chooses to dress and also the accessories she uses to compliment her personality and look. Well, one of the most important accessories that affect a woman’s look is a handbag. More and more women are becoming conscious while choosing handbags since they are not only functional but help you in looking trendy and stylish. There is a wide range of bags available in the market suiting different occasions and styles. However, buying too many bags can be a little painful to your pocket. Hence, sale of wholesale handbags and purses has gained a boost recently because the can attract the customers with its reasonable pricing and huge variety.

You can find a whole new, trendy and exclusive range of designer boutique handbags at mezon handbags at prices that are easily affordable. When you go to buy designer handbags, it is often beyond the budget of middle-class consumers. However, with the wholesale market, buying these bags has become extremely easy. The aim of the wholesale sellers is, ‘to sell more, at low prices’. Internet is the best medium for buying wholesale designer handbags and purses since you can take a look at the ongoing style and trend from the items available on display.

Today, many retailers and distributors are giving designer boutique bags at wholesale prices thus fulfilling the dream of many women who aspire to own a branded bag but cannot due to money constraints. You can choose your handbag depending upon your usage and purpose. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, styles and materials. It is advised to read the product details before finalizing the purchase of your handbag.

Wondering why these designer handbags and purses are available at cheaper rates than the original prices? Well, here’s something you should know about companies selling the designer handbags at wholesale prices:

–         The prices are reasonable because the company produces the product in bulk quantities.

–         Many a times, a cheaper alternative material is used which can match exactly to the look of the original designer handbag

–         By selling and displaying their products online, the companies save a great deal on showroom and staff cost

Wholesale handbags and purses can be great for women who are fashion conscious. These bags give you a sense of satisfaction since you feel you’re carrying the right accessory to the right occasion and that too at reasonable price. Wholesale handbags and purses are something to look for. Find an amazing range of designer handbags at