Wholesale Hats & Caps

Whether you’re looking for chic fashion accessory or a protective cover-up, there’s a style of hat out there for you. Here on our site there are dozens of potential hats that could become the latest addition to your wardrobe, so have a scroll and take your pick. 

Some of the many types of hats include:

Straw hats

A straw hat is a must-have for any holidaying woman. They’re lightweight and loved by anyone looking for stylish protection from the sun’s bright glare. 

The straw hat dates back hundreds of years, but the ones closest to those available to buy today were most notably seen in the 19th century, worn by aristocratic women as a symbol of sophistication. 

There’s a range of styles within the straw hat range to choose from, so think about which one you will feel most comfortable in. 


These are ubiquitous at any event or special occasion. If you’ve ever watched horse racing or attended a wedding, you’ll know that it’s highly common to come across a sea of fascinator hats and accessories. Some designs come heavily adorned with feathers, while others boast netted features and mesh flowers. There’s also countless colours and shade to choose from, so there’s sure to be something to complement that special outfit. 


A woolly beanie is a winter essential for anyone living in a cold country. It’s a well-known fact that heat is lost through the head, so this loss of warmth can be easily mitigated by the donning of a comfy knitted beanie. They come in a plethora of styles and colours, with or without the pompon addition. Beanies are also great to wear underneath a hoodies coat or jumper, conserving yet more bodily warmth. What could be cosier than a wintry walk spent snugly in a beanie?! 


If it’s street style you’re after, the classic cap is the right place to begin. The basic concept is first noted as appearing around 3000BC, made from metal and designed to shade the eyes from sunlight during battle. Nowadays it’s most common to see the baseball cap in action, but the simple design remains the same: head covering with a protruding brim or visor intended to protect the wearer’s eyesight. 

Cowboy hat 

A glance at the many available hats wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the honourable cowboy hat. These are very similar to the classic fedora, but these typically have a smaller brim as well as a hatband – think Frank Sinatra or Al Capone. 

The cowboy hat, on the other hand, is synonymous with North American cowboys and ranch workers. The high-crowned, wide-brimmed design lends itself to protection from the elements, while slight differences in shape and material once served as geographical markers of where its wearer originated from. 

Nowadays, the cowboy hat is worn as a costume piece just as much – if not more – as it is by ranch workers or law enforcement officials hailing from the West.

Overall, there are countless options when it comes to choosing a hat for women. For an introduction to the world of hats, both classic and contemporary, Mezon Handbags is an ideal place to start.